RUAF Publications

In this section you will find several types of RUAF publications (books and papers, research reports, conferences, policy briefs, videos): publications produced in the context of the programmes and projects executed by the RUAF Foundation, either by the staff of the RUAF international coordination unit or by staff of one of the RUAF network partner organisations (ETC, IWMI, IPES, MDP, IAGU, IGSNRR, ABU-ESDU) or by local project partners. Also publications produced by RUAF Foundation in the context of projects coordinated by other organisations have been included here. 

Other publications on (intra- and peri-) urban agriculture, city region food systems, urban food security, productive reuse of urban wastes and wastewater and many other related subjects can be found in the Resources section of this website, containing -amongst others- an on line searchable bibliographic database on urban agriculture (part of the documents in this database is accessible on line free of charge), and a section with Videos.