2017 will mark the operational start of the ICLEI-RUAF CITYFOOD network

ICLEI and RUAF Foundation, with support from FAO, will organise a joint Urban Food Forum (4-6 May 2017)  to mark the operational start of the CITYFOOD network on resilient city-region food systems and urban agriculture. The Forum will take place in the context of the ICLEI Resilient Cities Congress 2017 in Bonn, Germany.

The purpose of the CITYFOOD network is to:

  • Raise awareness on resilient city-region food systems and urban and peri-urban agriculture;
  • Create an advocacy platform for cities to gain political recognition and support from national governments and international organisations;
  • Provide information to cities around the world, stimulate exchange of experiences, identify and disseminate important lessons, good practices, practical guidelines and toolkits;
  • Provide cities with training and technical and policy assistance and guidance in managing their food systems and in engineering resilience;
  • Facilitate cooperation between cities worldwide and between local governments and civil society in this important policy area.

On 5-6 May 2017, cities participating in the network, many of which are also Milan Urban Food Policy pact signatory cities, will be gathering to discuss the transition towards sustainable urban food systems as a key factor of resilience for cities within the framework of the global development agendas (New Urban Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals, COP21 Paris Climate Agreement). They will participate in technical session(s) on how to build local food strategies towards sustainability and resilience, how to implement city region food system assessment, and how to facilitate network exchange and cooperation mechanisms.

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