FAO-RUAF Programme’s at the 3rd Mayors' Summit of the Milan Pact, Valencia, Spain, 19-21 October 2017

In conjunction with the Mayor Summit, on 19 October 2017, FAO and RUAF Foundation will host the closing event of their joint programme on assessing and planning sustainable city region food systems. The event will bring together food policy makers from cities around the world, key experts on urban and regional food policies and representatives from international organisations.

New global food systems resource for sub-national governments and support organizations

The Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies provides examples of policy - including legislation, plans, funding allocations, and more - as inspiration for sub-national governments seeking to better support their food systems. The database stores PDFs of adopted and/or enacted policies, regulations, and ordinances on a range of food systems topics, from production to waste management.

Local gastronomy offers opportunities for urban farmers

Learning from Lima: Chefs in Peru’s capital have rediscovered unique local ingredients, putting a number of Lima’s restaurants on the global foodie map; A growing middle class in Lima loves to eat out, fueling tremendous growth in the number of restaurants in the city; From farming and fishing to cooking, the local food scene is putting millions of people to work. Read the full blog on citiscope.