Feeding Cities: Urban Agriculture, a Framework for Resilient African Cities

Thursday, March 23, 2017 to Saturday, March 25, 2017

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Organized by the Institut des M├ętiers de la Ville (IMV), main platform of the cooperation between Region Ile-de-France and the City of Antananarivo. The aim of this conference is to discuss and agree on an agenda for urban and periurban agroculture for African Cities. For two days, a series of presentations and round tables, as well as the Carrot City exhibition will be offered to the participants, focusing on: feeding cities locally, climate change adaptation, urban resilience, and productive use of urban wastes. In addition to local authorities and NGOs from Madagascar, a number of international organizations will participate (FAO, AFD, etc.). RUAF will be presenting its experiences in supporting cities on urban agriculture in developing food policies, and in relation to climate change. Follow the conference transmitted on-line through Facebook Live.

More information: Carmen Zuleta, email: carmenzuleta [at] imvtana [dot] org